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Top Twenty Six Answers

  1. Favorite color:  green - the color of mother earth.

  2. Yes, dyeing the hair hurt a lot, but Sweet and Low in the mixture helped offset the pain. I liked being blonde, (my hair was straight!) but reverted back to natural brown to advertise that I don't want to stay locked into playing one certain type.

  3. During my downtime, I sleep, play guitar, or play video games.  I LOVE sleep. I chase sleep.

  4. Favorite musical influences - Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Clash, Al Green, Bob Marley, Beck, Tom Waites, Nirvana, early Ramones, Marvin Gaye, Sex Pistols, etc. etc. (long list of artists)

  5. Please don't ask me to:  
    1. remove my shirt - I hate it when you ask me that. 
    2. sing for you without a guitar - if I sing, I want it to be just right, not something just tossed out there on the fly. 
    3. kiss or hug you - if I do it for you, then I'll have to do it for everyone else and it steals time from others who want to get questions asked. (But I'd like to if I could) 
    4. pose for a photo.  See reason C. 

  6. My worst fault is my bad temper and Spike lived in the place where that temper intersected with Joss' humor.

  7. I'd love to do serious theater, but family commitments have me bound to the west coast for the next 10 years, so I can't.

  8. Actors are there to serve the words. Period.

  9. Favorite book:  "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay.  I prefer nonfiction to fiction.  

  10. Method acting sucks the soul out of you on television.

  11. Rape scene was the worst day of my acting career. I have a thing about sexual violence against women and I want to kill the person who wrote it, directed it, and acted it. If known about ahead of time, I refuse roles of this sort. Went home and cried in the tub, "I'm not a rapist."  It took a big toll on me. I'm very proud of the work, but don't ever want to go there again.

  12. Julliard sucks - they HATED me. They will kill your instinct and your spirit. Avoid at all costs.

  13. I love doing stunts and I also loved playing Evil Spike a little more than Souly Spike. The worst hurt was when I burned my hand doing a stunt too long. Big blisters.

  14. Favorite episode - Once More with Feeling or Fool for Love; however, Fool for Love terrified me because I did not want to be exposed that way.  I thought Joss was stealing my cool but what he was doing was taking Spike from cardboard character to flesh.  I love William now.

  15. I'm terrified of singing onstage and I love that. I sing things that reveal ME, things I'd never share with anyone in person can come out in song.

  16. I don't go online and look at stuff about me. It messes with my head and I don't want to become a jerk.

  17. Fans are generally cool with me. I've not had a problem - they "get" it.

  18. My birthday is Aug. 20, 1962

  19. I came to LA to sell out and make money because I was tired of being poor and afraid of dying poor. Found out I was a theater snob but changed when I discovered a whole new world of really talented people.  Television is my favorite new medium.

  20. Neither boxers nor briefs, baby.

  21. Got bit by the acting bug in 4th grade playing Eeyore in a school production of Winnie the Pooh and I've been bit ever since.

  22. The difference in theater and tv/film: In theater, you are the Benihana chef, taking all the ingredients  and creating the end result yourself.  In TV or film, the director is the chef and you are only one of the ingredients.  The final result happens in the editing room.

  23. I don't remember ANY Spike dialog so I can't tell you my favorite lines or recite anything for you.  With so much dialog to memorize each day, it went into short term memory part of my brain long enough to film it, then it was replaced with the next day's lines.  I'm sorry, but I just don't remember any of it!

  24. It concerned me that Spike was being perceived as desirable when he was actually very unhealthy relationship material.  The writers kept throwing in evil actions to try and get the audience to realize this, but they never really did.  Girls, if a man is mean, he'll be mean to you. 

  25. There's a place I can't get to as Spike without Juliet Landau.  When you see any Spike and Dru scene, make sure you notice what her hands might be doing out of frame!  Juliet was a bit naughty...

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